Here you can find some of my works that I created while studying at MSOE and at CTU. There are programs that everyone can run, but there are also projects that are meant only for students of the subject or people with more than basic knowledge of computers.

X36SWT - Software Technology

A document about history and technologies behind email and spam. Techniques used by spammers and measures devised to fight spam are covered.

X02F2P - Physics 2

Simple Java applet with some GUI buttons and a computed animation. It is a simulation of a current loop in magnetic field. You can set up field, current, loop sizes and other values and see what effect it has. Source code is not really clean as I wrote it in a hurry and didn't care much.

X36TJC - Programming Technology in C++

Game of pool (like 8 ball billiard) - C++, Qt, OpenGL - working, playable, not finished, though. There's one more coolaaber posted on the page. This one is better from the programming view - better class hierarchy, cleaner code, reusable. The one down there looks better from the esthetics point of view, but the code is a mess.

CS391 - Embedded Computer System Design

Source code for HandyBoard in language for assembler. Use of line tracking kit, photo cells and LCD. Simple version - no pulse width modulation and no interrupts.

CS321 - Computer Graphics

Source codes of two of my labs. They cover basics of computer graphics - how to store simple shapes (including Bezier curves), how to do transformations (scaling, translation, rotation, perspective etc.)
Developed in C++ in Ubuntu Linux environment, using Qt libraries.

CS421 - Advanced Computer Graphics

Using OpenGL in computer graphics. The OpenGL basics and Lego Bricks lab show how to use OpenGL - viewports, clipping, moving objects, lights, fps etc. The Coolaaber is a game of pool (billiard); it is in a playable state, but it would take way more time than I had to make it a good product. The project's goal was to learn OpenGL not to create a useable software. I invested a lot of time in it, though.
Developed in C++ on Windows XP, using MFC libraries.

CS496 - Computer Networking Protocols

Simple TCP and HTTP communications in Java. The first lab - once the connection between a server and a client is established, the client can send messages, the server echoes them back. The second lab - simple http server; you can for example connect to it using your internet browser and it would return pages as normal servers do. Third lab - remote procedure calls.
Developed in Java in Windows XP.

Other works from the Czech Technical University can be found in the Czech version.
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January 30, 2009