Me So who am I? I'm a 41 years old guy named Marek... On the Internet I usually use nickname Mareen... You might wonder where I am from... I am from the Czech Republic... I suppose some of you are still wondering... I'm gonna help you out... it is a small country in the Central Europe.
How do I look like? Somewhat like this...
What do I do for living? Programming, software development, software engineering or whatever you want to call it.
What do I like? Me biking I like sports a lot. In winter I go skiing from time to time. In summer I love to go mountain biking. Biking is very important for me and therefore I devoted another website of mine to it: Trail-Crew.com (unfortunatelly it is in Czech only). Lately, I got into inline skating. I love the speed and dynamics of the sport. Besides these I like prety much any physical activity.

Me skiing Most of the remaining time I spend with computers. I studied computers, I work with computers, I spend my freetime with computers, yes I couldn't live without them. It starts with editing my photos, my videos, goes over programming and studying and ends with communication with friends, searching for information and using the Internet in general.